Wembley Stadium April 26th
Arsenal 2 (James, Lambert) Huddersfield Town 0
Arsenal : Preedy, Parker, Hapgood, Baker, Seddon, John, Hulme, Jack, Lambert, James, Bastin

Huddersfield Town : Turner, Goodall, Spence, Naylor, Wilson, Campbell, Jackson, Kelly, Davies, Raw, Smith

92.500 spectators turned up for this cup final, in which it was the first ever time that both teams entered the arena side by side. Alex James put Arsenal ahead after just 17 minutes, and though Huddersfield tried in vain to equalise the Arsenal defence stood firm, and with Huddersfield pressing hard for a goal a break in the 83rd minute saw Arsenal take a 2 nil lead and they received the FA Cup for the first time

An original Football programme of the 1930 FA Cup Final was recently sold on eBay for £510, the seller described it with the following

The tears to the cover has been professionally repaired and the remainder of the programme is in very good condition with very slight marks inside.

The genuine staples are slightly rusty but are intact and complete

Reproductions are available at around a couple of pounds.

Below are some items (mainly Football Programmes) that are currently listed on eBay that may have a connection with the 1930 FA Cup Final.

At a auction held in Northampton (November 2008) a copy of the 1930 FA Cup Final football programme was sold for £856.