Stamford Bridge April 29th

Huddersfield Town 1 (Smith, Penalty) Preston North End 0

Huddersfield Town : Mutch; Wood. Wadsworth; Slade, Wilson, Watson; Richardson, Mann,Islip, Stephenson, Smith

Preston North End : J. F. Mitchell; Hamilton, Doolan; Duxbury. McCall, Williamson; Rawlings,Jefferis, Roberts, Woodhouse, Quinn


53,000 spectators turned up at Stamford Bridge to watch the 1922 FA Cup Final, the last FA Cup Final at Stamford Bridge.A controversial penalty decision decided this match, with Billy Smith smashing home the only goal of the game to achieve Huddersfield Town first and only FA Cup triumph.

An original Football programme of the 1922 FA Cup Final was recently sold on eBay for £2000, but reproductions are freely available at around a tenner


From time to time some items (mainly Football Programmes) are listed on eBay that may have a connection with the 1922 FA Cup Final, these are shown below if anything is available.